Friday, July 20, 2007

Kedalfax Leaves UN

In a Legislative vote yesterday, the 79% of legislators passed a non-binding resolution requesting that Kedalfax withdraw from the UN. The reasons cited included a lack of fiscal benefit for Kedalfax, as well as sub-par resolutions. However, Legislator Orlan Sombke (Con., NS) was heard by Times and Post reporters as saying, "Those... gnomes ruin our democratic government." When asked, Legislator Sombke did not offer an explanation. Sombke has since been admitted to Alinson Memorial Mental Hospital, though a large Internet base has protested this, claiming, with claims including, "The UN gnomes are real! Beware the gnomes!" (, "All the Legislators know about the gnomes. They just won't say anything because they'll end up like Sombke" (
President Linnenbach has said that he will comply with the resolution. Linnenbach and his staff declined comment.

On a related note, Simtropolian nation Audland has announced that it will be joining the United Nations, effective "As soon as the paperwork clears." Audland's legislative bodies agreed almost unanimously on the topic.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Keegan Drops Party, IDUC Position

IDUC SecGen Marlon Keegan officially announced today that he will no longer be associated with Kedalfax's Socialist Party. Keegan told the Times and Post that he believes the party has become too extreme, and he is no longer willing to be a part of the party.
Simultaneously, he has announced that he will be permenantly resigning his position as the IDUC Secretary General. His resignation will be effective as soon as a new SecGen is sworn in. Keegan did not comment on the reason for his resignation, however an anonymous source close to Keegan said, "{Keegan} has some issues with the lack of activity from the members of the Council."

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Giotizia, Brechenlass Are No More

Late Saturday, KNaFCo flight 2036 into Rensselaer International in Giotizia was unable to make contact with the regional air control center. So were ten other flights flying over where all the equipment said should have been Rensselaer International. The flights took emergency landings on nearby Maverick Island.
Somehow, all of the nation of Giotizia disappeared. The armed forces of every Commonwealth nation, as well as some other allies, were sent to attempt recovery missions. Nobody has been found, and nobody can figure out how 5.2 million people can disappear like that.

Meanwhile, just shortly after the armed forces had been deployed, a sudden, quick, and violent struggle erupted in Brechenlass, destroying the government, and leaving an unknown number of people dead. Power and communication infrastructure was knocked out completely. Saturday could be the single deadliest day in Commonwealth history.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Controversial HPV Vaccine Made Mandetory

KENNERWYCK- A controversial vaccine for Human papillomavirus, a disease linked to cervical cancer, as well as other types of cancers, has been made mandatory by the Legislation for females between the ages of 9 and 25.

The vaccine is very controversial for two main reasons. The first is the accusation by some religious groups, as well as other pro-abstinence groups, that the vaccine encourages premarital sex. The groups claim that by giving a vaccine for a virus that is primarily sexually transmitted, a message encouraging sexual activity is also sent. Public health groups have objected to this, claiming that no such message is sent.

Second is the fact that Karenax, the only manufacturer of the vaccine in Kedalfax, acquired the formula by suspicious means. Merck & Co., the American company that originally created the vaccine, has accused Karenax of stealing the formula. Karenax officials claim that the formula was in fact acquired by legal means from GlaxoSmithKline, a British-based pharmaceutical company. GlaxoSmithKline representatives did not comment.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

International Center To Open After 15 Years of Delays

KENNERWYCK- In 1984, Kennerwyck demolished the Downtown Convention Center, originally constructed in 1957, and built a new center across the river. Poole, Diamond, & Associates, inc. was hired to design and construct a new building there. The site was cleared, and plans were drawn. But the Kennerwyck Planning Board denied the plans. The company and the Board fought over plans until 1999. The construction started. After less than a month, the company that Poole, Diamond, and Associates was hired by went out of buisiness. The Department of the Exterior was running out of space, and was being forced to rent other downtown buildings. So they re-hired Poole, Diamond, and Associates to construct a new center. Construction commensed in spring of 2000, and continued at the slowest speed for the construction of a building since 1953.
On January 29, 2007, the building was deemed completed. Moving in has been progressing since, but the official opening will not be until February 3, 2007. Ambassadors from foreign nations, as well as high-level officials and IDU Council General Secretary Marlon Keegan are expected to attend.

Tiebreaker Vote Canceled, Agreement Reached

FREELAND, IDU- Decision makers in the IDU Council canceled the vote to determine the winner of the Secretary General of the Council. An agreement was reached between Marlon Keegan and Dr. Martinson of Saidercray. The vote of Gnejs, which had been submitted only hours after the deadline, will be counted. This will place Martinson one vote ahead of Keegan, making Martinson the new Secretary General of the IDU Council.

Keegan said to the Times and Post, "We decided it would be better to get the Council up and running as soon as possible. Another three days would just be too much."

Keegan will become the new Head of IDU Council Affairs for Kedalfax, replacing Arnold James, who represented Kedalfax during the Klouch Summit.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Keegan, Martinson Tied, Breaker Vote To Come

FREELAND, IDU- Voting for the first Secretary General of the International Democratic Union Council ended at midnight last night. As the results came in, officials realized that Dr. Benjamin Martinson of Saidercray and Kedalfax's own Marlon Keegan had an equal number of votes.

Officials realized that there is no provision in the charter for tied votes. Keegan, along with Speaker/VP De├činger and President Linnenbach, decided to propose a tiebreaker vote. Dr. Martinson agreed. At the time of publication, no information was available about the details of how or when the vote would commence. Kedalfaxian officials have confirmed that Kedalfax will continue to support Keegan. No response was available from other nations, however Brechenlass is expected to support Keegan.